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1 a light sharp contact (usually with something flexible); "he gave it a flick with his finger"; "he felt the flick of a whip"
2 a form of entertainment that enacts a story by a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement; "they went to a movie every Saturday night"; "the film was shot on location" [syn: movie, film, picture, moving picture, moving-picture show, motion picture, motion-picture show, picture show, pic]


1 flash intermittently; "The lights flicked on and off" [syn: flicker]
2 look through a book or other written material; "He thumbed through the report"; "She leafed through the volume" [syn: flip, thumb, riffle, leaf, riff]
3 cause to move with a flick; "he flicked his Bic" [syn: flip]
4 throw or toss with a quick motion; "flick a piece of paper across the table"; "jerk his head" [syn: jerk]
5 shine unsteadily; "The candle flickered" [syn: flicker]
6 twitch or flutter; "the paper flicked" [syn: ruffle, riffle]
7 cause to make a snapping sound; "snap your fingers" [syn: snap, click]
8 touch or hit with a light, quick blow; "flicked him with his hand"
9 remove with a flick (of the hand, for example)

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  1. A short, quick movement, especially a brush, sweep, or flip.
    He removed the speck of dust with a flick of his finger.
    She gave a disdainful flick of her hair and marched out of the room.
  2. (in plural: flicks; informal, uncountable) Cinema (as a form of entertainment).
    Want to go to the flicks tonight?
  3. A cut that lands with the point, often involving some whip of the foible of the blade to strike at a concealed target



A short, quick movement
(fencing) A cut that lands with the point


  1. To move (something) with a short, quick motion.
    flick one's hair
    With a flick of the wrist.


To move (something) with a short, quick motion

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Flick may refer to:
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  • Flik, a character from the film A Bug's Life
  • Flic, French slang term for a police officer, like "cop"
  • "Flicking someone off", common slang for giving someone the finger
  • Flicker (disambiguation)
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3-D, Cinemascope, Cinerama, Technicolor, Western, animated cartoon, beak, beat, bicker, birthmark, black-and-white film, blaze, blemish, bloodstain, blot, blotch, blur, bob, brand, breath, brush, bump, bunt, caress, cartoon, caste mark, check, checkmark, chiller, chink, chuck, cicatrix, cine, cinema, click, clink, clop, clump, clunk, color film, come in contact, contact, creepie, crump, cut, cutaneous sense, dab, dance, dapple, daub, discoloration, documentary, documentary film, dot, dull thud, earmark, educational film, engraving, eyesore, feature, feel, feel of, feeling, fillip, film, finger, fingertip caress, flap, fleck, flicker, flip, flirt, flit, flitter, flop, flounce, flump, flutter, flyspeck, freckle, gash, glance, go pitapat, graving, graze, gutter, hack, hand-mindedness, handle, hitch, horror picture, horse opera, jerk, jig, jigger, jigget, jiggle, jog, joggle, jot, kiss, lambency, lap, lentigo, lick, light touch, macula, maculation, macule, manipulate, mark, marking, mole, motion picture, motion-picture show, mottle, movie, moving picture, nevus, newsreel, nick, notch, nudie, pad, palm, palpate, palpitate, pat, patch, patter, paw, peck, photodrama, photoplay, pick, picture, picture show, pitapat, pitter-patter, pluck, plump, plunk, ply, point, poke at, polka dot, pop, pornographic film, preview, prick, prod, pulse, puncture, rap, rub, scar, scarification, score, scotch, scratch, scratching, sense of touch, short, show, silent, silent film, skin flick, slat, smear, smirch, smouch, smudge, smut, smutch, snake, snap, snatch, sneak preview, spaghetti Western, spatter, speck, speckle, splash, splatter, splotch, splutter, spot, sputter, stain, start, stigma, strawberry mark, stroke, sudden pull, tactile sense, taction, taint, talkie, talking picture, tap, tarnish, tattoo, tattoo mark, tentative poke, thriller, throb, thud, thumb, thump, tick, tickle, tinkle, tip, tittle, touch, trailer, tunk, tweak, twiddle, twitch, underground film, watermark, wave, waver, whisk, whisper, wield, wrench, yank, yerk
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